A Blog About a Family

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For Elysium blog chronicles the journey of a mother through home, family, parenting, disability, and Down syndrome. The for Elysium Family: Katie (blog author): Thirtysomething. Loves the outdoors, gardening, reading, and creative pursuits E: Oldest child, only daughter, double digits. Loves sports, science, and singing Bud: Oldest boy, too close in age to his big sister. Loves Minecraft, video games,… Read more »

Protected: America’s Day

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A New School Year Letter to My Helpers

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new school year letter about summer

As we embark on a new school year, Kyle introduces himself to his first grade school helpers. Dear School Helpers, My name is Kyle and I am 6 years old. My mom Katie is typing my new school year letter for me because my keyboarding and vocabulary skills are still “in progress.” I was sad to leave kindergarten, but I… Read more »

Barn swallow nest

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Peaceful Photos From Our World of Frequent Tragedy

Father and son

With all of the senseless, tragic events filling our recent news, I am feeling the need for some peaceful photos to replace the horrific headlines. Please enjoy this┬ábeauty and share some of your own (post a link using the comment form or post on my blog facebook page). Peace rose Still waters reflecting calm Peaceful sleep of a newborn baby… Read more »

Parenting’s influence on rape culture

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black shoes and red rose petals

Admittedly, I was getting tired of seeing the name Brock Allen Turner in my newsfeed. I avoided learning any details of his crime. I didn’t want to read the letter from his victim, mostly because I was afraid of letting any images enter my brain that I couldn’t remove. Maybe due to my vivid imagination or my effortless visualizations or… Read more »

Repurposing a baby crib into a rose trellis

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hybrid tea rose

The former owner of my house planted some gorgeous varieties of roses. Through the years I have lived here, I have slowly gathered practice and knowledge about how to keep the roses healthy and beautiful. I don’t have much trouble with the hybrid tea roses–you can cut them almost to the ground and the next year they reach to the… Read more »