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Usually I avoid the “10 things not to say…” lists because although mostly accurate, there are so many of them it’s nearly impossible to remember what not to say in the moment. This is especially true with lists about Down syndrome.

However, a new video appeared on the horizon today. I didn’t make the video–it was done by a newer Down syndrome Mama, a great advocate for our children.

I would like to present you with 5 reasons why it’s worth your time to watch.

1. It’s funny.

2. It’s entertaining.

3. It’s important.

4. Video format makes the list easier to remember.

5. Beau’s Mommy tells the truth.

So you’ve watched, and now you’re wondering, “Then what SHOULD I say to a parent of a child with Down syndrome?”

I’ll make it easy for you: say the same thing you would say to a new parent of a baby without Down syndrome. Say, “Congratulations!” Ask how mom and baby are doing. That’s all you need to do!

Don’t be sorry–we’re not.

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  1. rosemaryheddens

    Thank you so much for being so brave and so honest. As the parent of an adult with Down syndrome, I have heard most of those. I once had an someone I was talking to on the phone ask me if my daughter was middle aged. She was nineteen at the time. Kirstin is an independent, successful woman of 39 now. She was the guest on my blog a few weeks ago. I thought you might want to read what she had to say. Here’s the url. wp.me/p4P9yl-3I


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