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For Elysium blog chronicles the journey of a mother through home, family, parenting, disability, and Down syndrome.

The for Elysium Family:

Katie (blog author): Thirtysomething. Loves the outdoors, gardening, reading, and creative pursuits
E: Oldest child, only daughter, double digits. Loves sports, science, and singing
Bud: Oldest boy, too close in age to his big sister. Loves Minecraft, video games, legos, and art
Kyle: Middle boy, age 6, Down syndrome. Loves iPad, catch, and hula hoop
Mr. S: Youngest, age 3. Loves wheels, things that go, and transportation

boy with Down syndrome wearing glasses hugs his siblings

The story of for Elysium blog:

When I started this blog in 2014, my first quest was to find a unique blog title. The ones that resonated the most with me included the words chaos, life, beautiful, searching, finding, and peace. Most combinations of those words were already used in other blogs or didn’t quite fit. Finally, I found the only word that encompassed all of those others: Elysium.

Elysium is a word from Greek literature meaning (approximately) perfect paradise. It’s something close to heaven. Read more about it here.

I first heard the word “elysium” in the (aptly-titled) song Elysium by Mary Chapin Carpenter. When we moved into our new-old house, the words in this song became a sign to me that I had found our paradise.


Akin to one of my favorite books, Anne of Green Gables, I wanted to give my “homestead” a name, and realized Elysium fit perfectly. However, the house has required much sweat and tears on its way to perfection. We’re getting there.

Katie and her HEPA lead vacuum

Posing with my trusty lead vac

Excerpt from Elysium
by Mary Chapin Carpenter

They say there’s a place for those who are good
With it’s pearly gates swinging wide open
The rest of us here are just knocking on wood
Quietly, piously hoping

To dreams that were tethered like kites to the ground
To the bridges I burned, to then turning around
It was here in your heart I was finally found
And the last battle won for Elysium

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About Katie

Katie Bee is the author of for Elysium blog: a site about family, Down syndrome, home, art, and writing.

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