An Unveiling and Many Thanks

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When I started to see all the gorgeous photos posted for Changing the Face of Beauty‘s #IMREADY for #15in2015 campaign challenging 15 retailers to feature models with disabilities in their advertising in 2015, I felt compelled to share the faces with the world via a video. The campaign was started by the founders and members of Changing the Face of Beauty (view their video to Ellen here) and continued with Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (view their post about the campaign here) after their president’s daughter was featured in a Target ad.

The video I created for Changing the Face of Beauty’s campaign highlights faces of the campaign’s supporters–people of all abilities. Please take a few minutes to enjoy watching:

In the process of finding people to provide the photographs for the video, I crossed paths with some incredible people. One I have been privileged to get to know through the organization Saving Down Syndrome. The name is literal: we are working to save Down syndrome because our children were created with a purpose and have a place on this Earth the same as anyone else.

The person in SDs who helped me with this project is Tiffany Huber from Our Guide Lewi. Not only did she send people my way to give me photos, she helped me raise awareness by spreading the word about my blog page on facebook. She is responsible for most of my last few hundred “likes” on the page. Please “like” her page in return–she is one of the best advocates out there for her fellow Down syndrome families.

The other person who was instrumental in helping me increase the diversity of abilities in this video is Abigail Sachran of Spreading Sunshine – David Sachran. She let me join her group and introduced me to all of the amazing families in The Sunshine Boxes community. I want all of you to “like” Spreading Sunshine and find out how you can get involved.

The idea is that you pledge to send one family a “Sunshine Box.” The families who receive the boxes are facing a child’s illness, cancer, birth defects, chromosomal disorders with health problems… and you send them a box of sunshine. It is a beautiful program and I find it impossible not to want to get involved myself after spending the past week getting to know the families a bit. I am thankful to all of them for sharing pictures of their children. Their lives are not easy, but it is easy to see the joy their children bring them.

Lastly, I am thankful to my friends, family, and fellow families raising children with disabilities who provided photographs. You are a part of something important, and it makes me smile to see your faces in the video.

I am so happy to be a part of this campaign. Changing the Face of Beauty has been working for over 6 months urging retailers to include models with disabilities. You can participate by posting photos tagging major retailers. View more about the campaign and how it all began here:


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9 thoughts on “An Unveiling and Many Thanks

  1. MommyChronicles

    Such a lovely job! You did terrific. I kept watching for my little man, didn’t see the little booger! You had to have had such a hard time picking from ALL the photos you received. You did so good!!

  2. tanjoven

    Great job! This reminds me a little of Gigi’s Playhouse one million voices but social media style. I just started a blog to share with others all that we’ve learned the past year, especially with those who have limited access to support and resources. Was inspired by your blog and others. It’s at Plan on sharing this movement soon. Looking forward to future posts of yours. Thanks for all your hard work!


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