Bedtime: the last small moment of the day

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As Kyle is my third child and thus I am a student of my own experience, I never expected to say that putting him to bed would be one of my favorite times of the day. I was never bedtime’s biggest fan with the older two. We lived through all of the typical sleep challenges, some which still continue (excuses, excuses, excuses…).

Because of this, we sort of put off transitioning Kyle to a twin bed from his crib. He was safe in his crib, he felt secure and comfortable, and we didn’t have to deal with the repeated bedtime issues that usually surround the move to a big bed. The status quo continued until last spring when he was nearing five years old.

He had a week break from school, and knowing it would be the last break until summer we decided to use that time to make the switch. That way if he had trouble falling asleep, it wouldn’t affect his school day.

The first night we went through his usual bedtime routine. Then he climbed into the twin bed and settled in under his blanket. We slowly walked out of his room and… nothing. Not a peep. He just turned his head and went to sleep. And it has been like that ever since.

I have to say, it’s pretty dreamy to have a good sleeper in this family.

The ease of putting him to bed is not what makes it one of my favorite small moments though. It is the sweetness of Kyle in that moment. Look at the photo above. When Kyle is in his “loving mood” (term coined by big sister), he sticks out his tongue a tiny bit and sucks on it. He does this whenever he feels most comforted and affectionate.

When I sing his nighttime songs, Kyle asks me to sit next to him. He snuggles under the blanket his aunt made for him with three warm layers of fleece. He sighs contentedly. His eyes drowsily close and open again while I stroke his hair. When I finish singing, he closes his eyes and falls asleep.

One small moment, one daily precious gift.

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1 thought on “Bedtime: the last small moment of the day

  1. terrypetersen

    Our Ella is the best sleeper among my three grandchildren. And yes, sweetness comes in and silently says: that tripled twenty-first chromosome is the best part of who I am. And you’ve got to love me for it.


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