Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, a review and GIVEAWAY

Black Day: The Monster Rock Band by Marcus Sikora, with Mardra Sikora, is more than a clever, funny Halloween tale. It’s an inspirational, follow-your-dreams story with universal appeal. And it makes no difference whether you choose to read the book in October or well, March; you will be entertained.

Since it’s more fun than a wordy description, I invite you to watch this one-minute animated trailer to get a feel for the book:

You may be wondering where inspiration enters into a story about a kid who wants to play in a band with a bunch of monsters. Sikora immediately establishes that Brad, the hard-working (human) paperboy, dreams of being a rock star while he delivers newspapers. When he finds an opportunity to fulfill his dreams, not even a scary haunted house or frightening monsters can deter him from his reaching his goal.

Similarly, the primary author of Black Day: The Monster Rock Band had a dream of his own: to write. Many of us have that same dream, though not many make it happen the way Marcus Sikora did. Take a look:

Clearly, Marcus Sikora has a mind full of interesting ideas, and we are privileged to visualize them through his book. Black Day’s illustrator, Noah Witchell, captures the energy and personality of each character in sharp, digitally-produced detail. My favorite spread depicts the monsters proving to Brad that they are indeed NOT humans wearing costumes.

There is a limit to how much I, as an adult, can tell you about a children’s picture book. The ultimate test: how much an 8-year-old boy enjoys reading Black Day: The Monster Rock Band. I read the book with my oldest son Bud, who rarely ventures beyond the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

boy reading Black Day

Not only was Bud thoroughly entertained by the story, when we finished reading he wanted to know more about Marcus and how he got his ideas for writing the book. In my house, where we try to emphasize that our son Kyle, who has Down syndrome like Marcus, can have the future he chooses, this book is an excellent example showing anything is possible–for anyone–with determination and teamwork.

I want to thank Marcus Sikora and his mother Mardra Sikora for giving me the opportunity to share their awesome book with my readers–not just through this review, but also through my first giveaway on the blog! But first, for those interested in buying copies, these are the links you need:

For book, DVD, and autographed copies order via

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The winner has been contacted. Thanks to all who participated!

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12 thoughts on “Black Day: The Monster Rock Band, a review and GIVEAWAY

  1. Teresa

    What a cute book! Reading is so important for babies and children. You can’t have too many!

  2. Sharon Paul

    “Black Day: The Monster Rock Band” by Marcus Sikora. My daughters and nephews loved it! Halloween, monsters and a rock band, it doesn’t get any better.

  3. Jennifer Hines

    Oh my goodness! I started crying while watching that interview!! What a great book and such an inspiring author!

  4. Jillian foley

    This seems like a fun book. I cannot afford it now with medical bills . Bella would enjoy this book for sure she sleeps with her new books not fools or bears. Books. I would love for her to take to her school and let the teacher in on it as she is in an all Down Syndrome school. The kids would love it.

  5. Tiffany Huber

    I love that this book was written by somebody who has Down syndrome. I also love the Halloween theme because I love Halloween. It has a seasonal theme that of course appeals to children, while introducing an issue of acceptance possibly without talking about Down syndrome specifically. Looking forward to reading it to my son, having my daughter read it, & getting their input.

  6. Valorie

    Fantastic! I have a story too about a boy who has Ds and achieves much. Just no way to get to publish. Congratulations on your book and I wish you much success!

  7. Jamie

    I love the Sikora’s, LOVE this book, and would love to gift it to our school library!

  8. Karol

    I am glad the book was published to show successful people with Down Syndrome are everywhere!

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