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What kids do

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Waking up on the right side of the bed

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Kyle isn’t always tolerant of his baby brother in the mornings. He can get cranky about Mr. S getting into his space. So small moments of togetherness in the morning make me smile. Today both boys were sitting on either side of me on Kyle’s bed. Kyle patted my lap and said “lap,” then I said, “Kyle is sitting next… Read more »

I get it.

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Fluff (cute & funny things kids do and say), Part 1

Giving Ourselves Some Credit

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Parents of small children: give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it. I recently returned from an absolutely wonderful trip visiting my big sister who lives 5 states away. My husband held down the fort with four kids at home so I could go meet my new nephew. Daddy did a wonderful job following all of my detailed… Read more »

The kid with the dirty shirt (spoiler alert: it’s my kid)

As an education major in college, I came in contact with children in numerous arenas. One of my college jobs was at a daycare that mostly served people with a limited income. When parents dropped their kids off at daycare with dirty shirts and faces, I would look at those children and make a few assumptions. One was that their… Read more »