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When your child doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe the day’s events, a parent-teacher log is a great method for communicating daily with school.

There is no doubt, despite all my wonder and awe at my son’s Village, that in reality his Village is overworked and overbooked. From the first day I sent a notebook in Kyle’s backpack for communicating daily with school staff. However, the notebook’s use has been infrequent and does not achieve the goal of good communication.

If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, then I am the wheel that produces an intermittent pip.

And so now, 2/3 through the school year, I am getting squeakier and exploring our options for a daily communication log. It would have been nice to start out the year with one, and we should have, but it’s too late for regrets. Onward we go…

communicating daily with school

I asked Kyle’s teacher for a few examples of daily communication logs, and they were okay but also not. One had a scale for the day from horrible to great. Even if Kyle DOES have a horrible day at school, I don’t want to call it that. The other sheet had smiley, straight, or frowny faces to describe the parts of the day. I don’t like frowny faces coming home in my son’s backpack either.

Next I reached out to my fellow parents navigating special education, and one told me of this great resource from Indiana University: Home-School Communication. These examples are great, although none perfect for our needs. Most examples are geared towards autism rather than Down syndrome.

So I took some elements from Kyle’s teacher’s suggestions, some elements from the IU forms, then put on my dusty old teacher hat and made my own. Here’s the end result: parent communication daily sheet. I wanted to provide this example here as another alternative for parents who, like me, are not finding exactly what they need in their internet search for daily sheet templates.

parent communication daily sheet

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3 thoughts on “Communicating daily with school

  1. mamaweb5ter

    I like it! Especially the bottom section. I am not the parent but as a teacher I think a number scale might be a better tool to assess his participation direction following etc.. Does he have a goal in these areas? If he does, than the daily communication tool is a necessity . . . Printing on duplicate forms would be nice if you are not doing this paperless.

    1. Katie Post author

      I really appreciate your teacher’s perspective! They suggested the number scale too, it just seems so busy, but maybe they could write the number. I know it helps to be able to circle, but it’s a lot of numbers on one sheet. He definitely has those goals, and we have really lacked communication on his progress with them.

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