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My camera was the latest casualty of Kyle’s throwing habit. I walked into the kitchen to find it on the floor on the opposite side of the gate from Kyle: lens in one area, camera body in the other. Luckily the camera body is okay, as confirmed by my 55-300mm zoom lens, but the regular old canned zoom lens is a goner. The camera doesn’t recognize it. And a bigger zoom lens isn’t very practical for day-to-day.

My dabbling in photography began when I got my first camera in 2nd grade. It had one of those disposable flashes where you could only take five or six flash photos. In eighth grade I won $500 in an essay contest and bought my first SLR. That was the same camera I used to take photos of my first baby less than 10 years ago.

A year later, my father-in-law bequeathed his Nikon D70 digital SLR to me, which I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated until I passed it on to my dad when my husband gave me a digital SLR for our anniversary a few years ago. That camera was an extension of my arm until the lens broke off…

So last week I walked happily into the camera shop and acted like I knew what I was talking about in wanting a “faster” lens (thanks to YouTube photography videos). I settled on a 35mm fixed focal length lens. It is my first “prime” lens, and I am pretty excited about it. I feel like I can finally take the quality of photos I have been trying achieve all these years (or at the least, come closer to it!).

wood fence




dog eye

squint smilelashes

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6 thoughts on “Dabbling

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