Decorating the Christmas tree

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Ever since my son could pull to stand we’ve needed a gate around our Christmas tree to minimize ornament grabbing and tree pulling.

It was effective the first and (maybe) second years at most.

tree 2011
tree 2012
After that, the tree gate became more of an enticing challenge and receptacle for tossed toys.

tree 2013

Last Christmas, the tree enclosure served as a minimal deterrent. We tried to teach “no throwing toys in” but ended up finding not only toys, but also phones, ipads, and  glasses in there daily. The gate seemed to cause more problems than it prevented.

2014 tree

This year we brought up the tree and left the gate in the basement, despite now having mischievous Kyle and an inquisitive two-year-old.

2015 tree

s tree
For the first time, Kyle was awake during the decorating and he was very excited to help. He learned to ring our bell ornament with one finger, and he delights in showing us he knows the rules. That’s not to say he always follows them, but we’re working on it. It is important for Kyle to feel involved with our family traditions, and it is evident that participating means something to him too.

Have a blessed Advent season!

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