Do you see a bear? (Small Moments for #inclusion)

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do you see a bear
I am not a mother who visits her kids’ school classrooms. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but I’ve always had smaller children in tow. So last May when I went to Kyle’s end of the year celebration at school, it was the first I had observed him with his peers.

What I saw floored me.

Kyle was participating and involved. When we all sat down for songs in circle time, I had my camera ready to take a few cute photos. However, when the class started singing, I was glad I had a way to record it. To this day, Kyle loves watching himself in this video, and he does the hand movements and sings along with it.

Enjoy watching, and if you do, please share. There are still administrators and school districts out there who do not believe kids with Down syndrome should be integrated in the mainstream classroom. This video is one piece of evidence that they absolutely should.

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