Fluff (cute & funny things kids do and say), Part 1

I have a journal I apparently don’t write in enough because its initial entry is from April, 2001. When E and Bud were one and three years old I started using it to record the funny things they said or did, and it entertains me very much to go back and read them now. So to lighten things up a bit, I thought I would transcribe some here. Enjoy!

5/2008: E loves watching a “new” show–Mr. Rogers–but gets sad every time he leaves.

7/2008: E, Daddy and I watched fireworks on TV. She kept asking us questions, but when we’d ask her one she’d say, “Let’s just watch it Mommy.”

We were eating chicken nuggets for dinner. E took some bites and we showed her the chicken inside. She said, “Mommy, where’s the nugget?”

1/2009: Woke to find E not in her room and the basement door open. She was sleeping on the 4th step from the top!

2/2009: E picked out goldfish with Daddy. She asked him on the way home if we are going to feed them goldfish crackers.

3/2009: When we’re riding in the car and Bud screams, Daddy says something to him (jokingly) like, “Bud, you’re in a time out!” And then Bud makes his scream the teeny-tiniest, quietest scream you’ve ever heard.

10/2009: Bud handed me his yogurt cup after dinner and said, “Here y’go Katie!”

11/2009: Bud sees a bug and says, “squish it!” except it sounds like, “bullsh**!”

1/2010: Bud was running up and down the ramp at the library going “ahahahahahahahahahahaha.” When I told him to go slowly and stop running, he said, “No! I want to ‘ahahahahahahahahahaha!'”

E told me while hugging me that I’m “warmer than blankets and pillows.”

2/2010: E said that the clown on Mr. Rogers isn’t a “real” clown because it is just a man wearing a costume.

1/2011: Bud’s favorite Wii game is the Wii Party volcano board game. So to give him some motivation for using the potty, Daddy created a volcano game sticker chart for the refrigerator. He asked Bud what happens at the end when he gets in the volcano and Bud said, “I die!”

I got an ambulance toy for when Bud poops in the potty. Bud told Daddy he is not going to poop in the potty, and that we should just put the ambulance in the recycle bin.

2/2011: I asked Bud if he needed to go potty, and he said, “My body said I need to watch TV.”

Bud also told me that if he ate Kyle’s baby food he would “get sick and die.” And if he doesn’t want to do something, he says he has an “X” on him.

E was talking to her auntie on the webcam and her aunt told her to say 3 words and she would make up a story with them. E thinks, then says “baby… pumpkin… Jesus.”

3/2011: E had a late start the other day. She was in her room for a long time, then she came out and handed me a picture she had been working on of a playground and house. At the top it said, “I love you Mommy.” It was so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes.

Daddy told Bud to behave and Bud said, “I am hav!”

4/2011: Bud told me that his mouth is the “cave of wonders.”

Today at dinner E was describing a movie they watched at school, but she couldn’t remember the name of it so Bud started suggesting title after title: “Oh, ‘Truck Movie’ Oh, ‘Car Movie’ Oh, ‘Easter Bunny’ Oh, ‘Bird Outside’ Oh ‘Budinator’ Oh ‘I am Budinator’

Bud finished his strawberry shortcake and said, “I’m done with my cake, uh, now can I have dessert?”

5/2011: When E is mad, she says she is going to “make a sign.” Then when I go to bed that night, I’ll find a picture on my bed of me trying to open her door with “Mommy no go in my room” written at the top.

8/2011: I told E not to hold in her sneezes because they would go back into her head and she said, “does that mean I will think about the sneeze every day?”

The previous time we talked to my sister on Skype, she showed Bud her dog. This time he saw her holding her new baby and he asked, “Did her dog turn into a baby?”

Flash forward a few years–I put all the kidisms on facebook instead of writing them in my journal, so once I dig them out they will be Part 2.

I will leave you with two from April, 2015:

Went to tuck E in at 9:50pm. She woke and stared at me with wide eyes.
E- Why are you up here so early??
Me- I am going to bed early.
E- Oh, that’s why I looked so surprised, because of the time.
Me- This is the time normal parents go to bed.
E- Oh. That’s different!

Me to Bud- Your cheeks look pink. We need to start putting on sunscreen when you play outside for that long.
Bud- Oh not that again!
Me- It’s important.
Bud- I am NEVER going to remind you about that.

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