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A few weeks ago, Kyle was sick with a stomach bug. He had a day or two of relief from that before coming down with a cold. The illnesses affected his behavior in some significant ways. Although now we can attribute his mysterious behaviors to being sick, for those two weeks I spent an unhealthy amount of time wondering and worrying about them.

Most concerning was that he began refusing to eat at school. His communication notebook reads like a scientific log between Kyle’s aide and me. For a few days he didn’t eat a single thing all day at school, then came home famished. Now he is still picky about where he eats (sometimes he picks up these preferences during sick periods), but he’s finally eating again at school.

The second place where sickness affected Kyle was the bus. One day he fought me so much and cried before boarding that I kept him home knowing something was off, but not knowing what. He ate a bit and his spirits improved so I brought him to school. Yet he protested getting on and off the bus for the following week or more. I was almost ready to start driving him thinking he was bothered by noises on the bus, but then his behavior improved and he was back to his cheerful, bus-loving self.

With a lack of vocabulary to describe how he feels, figuring out why Kyle behaves a certain way is often a guessing game (and not a fun one). It’s not so difficult to figure out that he now is feeling better, and I couldn’t be happier about it.


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