Holiday Joy–what a difference a year makes!

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Last year after Christmas, I posted an exasperated question on a Down syndrome message board asking, “How do we do this? How do we get through the holidays with our sensory kids who thrive on routine? How do we keep our sanity at holiday parties where our kids refuse to eat unfamiliar foods, tip over chairs and decorations, and cry from overwhelmed over-stimulation?”

Thankfully, Kyle has experienced so much growth this year that I dare say I won’t be needing to post anything similar. With one big party under our belt, we were pleased to hear the kind comments from Kyle’s relatives about his calm, organized behavior. We do have one tool that was not at our disposal last year: the ipad. It makes everything easier, keeps Kyle entertained, and the distraction even helps him eat more.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so please enjoy this visual journey of Kyle’s holiday successes and joy.

Xmas Cookies
the fox
Xmas puzzle
reindeer sweater
With more parties to come, we are crossing our fingers that Kyle’s pattern of good behavior continues. For now, we revel in the joy of celebrating together.

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