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My jet-lag has subsided so that I finally feel coherent enough to write a new post. First and foremost, I need to explain the reason for my absence and lack of 31for21 posts over the past week. I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Hawaii.

Up until the day before the trip, I thought I might have time to schedule a week’s worth of 31for21 posts to release while we were gone. However, I failed to factor in the fact that I have four kids. And a house. A very messy house that would nowhere near pass the inspection of my parents who were staying with my kids at our house during the trip. A messy house when parents visit for a few hours is one thing. Layers of dust, piles of junk, and scum on kitchen and bathroom surfaces when your parents are living in your house for a week is quite another. So I had to forego the blog posts, don my rubber gloves, and clean.

The cleaning, packing, and thrift store shopping for appropriate clothing and accessories took every last second. It was good to have a break, I just wish it hadn’t been during the month when I pledged to write a blog post every day.

The last time I was away from Kyle overnight was when I visited my sister in March. The last time my husband and I took a plane trip away from our kids was in 2008, when we only had two kids. This trip was much needed and long overdue, and the fact that we had to pay for almost none of it took a lot of the stress out of the experience. We had a great time, saw many beautiful sights, had great weather (albeit hot), and didn’t worry about the kids in my parents’ capable hands.

But I missed my children.

The amount of time we were gone (four full days plus two days of travel), was plenty for me. On the exhausting overnight flight home, I pictured how Kyle would react the moment he got off the bus after seeing me for the first time. Usually when he is very excited to see someone, he jogs in place while flapping his arms and squealing with delight.

I convinced Daddy to snap a photo of our reunion when the bus arrived. Kyle spied me through the bus window, yet I didn’t see any dancing around or hear any squealing. He came to the steps and walked calmly down them with a satisfied smile on his face. “Ah, Mommy,” he sighed.

And I was the one who felt like dancing. I swept him up for the hugs I was apparently craving more than he was. He obliged sweetly as I drank in the beautiful small moment of coming home.



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