Introducing: Small Moments for Down syndrome awareness month

small moments

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a video on facebook. Maybe because I was tired from staying up too late, or because I have been disheartened about issues surrounding Down syndrome lately, but whatever the reason, after about 30 seconds of video I burst into tears. It struck a chord.

Kyle just happened to be home from school yesterday after getting sick the previous day, and he was sitting on my lap when I started the video. When he heard my sobs, without missing a beat, his little arm slipped around my neck and he buried his head into me. He just knew.

The video was this:

See what I mean?

Kyle has shown his empathy in significant ways in the past too, as I described in Extraordinary kids, extraordinary compassion. He is more tuned-in to others’ emotions than any five year old I have known. In the mornings, Kyle’s younger brother usually wakes first and whimpers or cries in their shared room. When I walk in the room, Kyle immediately informs me, “brother sad,” and sighs with relief when I comfort him.

I will be focusing on these small moments for the next 30 days as part of the Down syndrome blogger awareness campaign called 31 for 21. Because there will be a new blog post every day, my goal is to make them short and sweet like the moments they represent. It is in these small moments that we find our greatest happiness. There are challenging small moments too, and with those we learn and grow.

In the spirit of acceptance and increasing awareness for Down syndrome, I ask that you take some time this month to read and share blog posts from any of the 31 for 21 participants. Share your own small moments in the comments. Talk, learn, ask questions about Down syndrome. It’s going to be a great October.

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7 thoughts on “Introducing: Small Moments for Down syndrome awareness month

  1. heartstone

    Kyle is extraordinarily tuned in to others… takes after someone I know.
    Love short and sweet for Down syndrome awareness month. Perfect 🙂

  2. themightywillow

    Oh my goodness! I watched the video before reading your post and was brought to tears. Now after reading your post, I see you tried to warn me. Lol. I look forward to reading your posts!!

    1. Katie Bee

      That is what I keep hearing from people, so I am glad I’m not the only one affected by the video in that way. No excuses needed then! Thanks for reading!


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