Kyle’s hunger strike, continued

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When Kyle’s hunger strike at school was in full swing (see previous entry), I was quickly writing some suggestions in his communication notebook before school. I nearly wrote that Kyle does better eating at home when he has the iPad on the table, and meant to ask if they could use one at school during meals. Then I stopped. Did I really want to go there? Even it was a possibility, should it be? What an awful habit.

So we went cold turkey and stopped at home. No iPads at the table, not even mine (I am no innocent in this habit). Probably not the best timing, as it made mealtime even more challenging. However, I think it is an important step for success eating in other places where an iPad is not available or appropriate during meals.

Still, it is requiring some creativity. This morning Kyle indicated that he wanted to eat breakfast in the black leather chair in our family room. I am so tired of the breakfast struggle that I let him, and I think it might be a calmer place for him than our hectic kitchen. As he ate, he remarked, “snack. Mmm.” Okay Kyle, if calling it a snack helps you eat, then so be it. The guessing game continues…

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