Learning to read

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It started over a year ago with Kyle’s amazing *surprise* ability to recognize the letters in the alphabet.

One day he pointed out letters on my shirt, and to my surprise, he got them right!


In this video, he shows that he knows letters and has quite the sense of humor:

Weeks ago, he impressed his family by reading sight words in an app on his iPad.

And today, as Kyle and I read Rocket’s Mighty Words by Tad Hills, Kyle surprised us all by reading some of the words we had talked about days ago: dog, ear, up, down, in and out. Whether he associated the words with the pictures, put the letters together, or remembered them by memorizing, the indication is clear: Kyle is fully capable of learning to read.

This new practice of investigating words makes reading another one of my favorite small moments. He wants me to point to the words, and he peers closely at them. You can see all the gears turning. Kyle has so much potential it makes my heart sing.

The summer after I posted this, Kyle showed his kindergarten reading progress in a huge way:

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2 thoughts on “Learning to read

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