my baby, my strength

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Today’s small moment is really small, about the size of a banana.

My baby. I didn’t know male or female. I didn’t know 46 or 47 chromosomes.

I did know love. Then and now, my baby is my strength.

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Katie Bee is the author of for Elysium blog: a site about family, Down syndrome, home, art, and writing.

1 thought on “my baby, my strength

  1. Erin Nicholas

    Hi, Katie! Hope you’re having a moment to put your feet up! I have dinner in the oven (for once) and am taking a facebook break, a nice treat. Came across today’s entry on your 31 for 21, and even though you didn’t have a lengthy post, saw the ASD link and read the Paradigm Shift blog entry from June. What a message about how important it is to keep an open mind and consider your child’s unique self! Our Sean has a DS-ASD diagnosis too, and I feel like some of his DS “strengths” balance out issues on the ASD side. One doctor told me he couldn’t have autism because he laughed at something silly. The checklist told us otherwise, but his capacity for silliness is incredible, and not measurable on any assessment I’ve seen. Anyway, time to put some potatoes on. Thanks for sharing, and keep posting!


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