“Not yet!”

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It’s always interesting to find out what phrase Kyle will pick up next in his growing vocabulary. The ones we rejoice about most are the phrases that further his independence or allow him to express himself more clearly. Kyle’s newest addition is surely a cause for celebration as it replaces his previous way to express the same idea–by screaming.

Where he once would yell (“Ahhhhhh!”) to express that he wasn’t ready for lunch, he didn’t want his diaper changed, he didn’t care to walk up the stairs, or he wasn’t ready to stop playing, now he clearly exclaims, “Not yet!”

Not only does this phrase accurately describe his feelings, it cuts down on one of the most stressful, ear-piercing sounds we experience daily. Kyle feels more confident that he is communicating with us, and rather than the rest of us yelling, “Stop screaming!,” his words allow us to continue the conversation.

Kyle is gaining his independence one new phrase at a time.


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