An Unveiling and Many Thanks

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When I started to see all the gorgeous photos posted for Changing the Face of Beauty‘s #IMREADY for #15in2015 campaign challenging 15 retailers to feature models with disabilities in their advertising in 2015, I felt compelled to share the faces with the world via a video. The campaign was started by the founders and members of Changing the Face of… Read more »

Holiday Joy–what a difference a year makes!

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Last year after Christmas, I posted an exasperated question on a Down syndrome message board asking, “How do we do this? How do we get through the holidays with our sensory kids who thrive on routine? How do we keep our sanity at holiday parties where our kids refuse to eat unfamiliar foods, tip over chairs and decorations, and cry… Read more »

A video worth your time

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Usually I avoid the “10 things not to say…” lists because although mostly accurate, there are so many of them it’s nearly impossible to remember what not to say in the moment. This is especially true with lists about Down syndrome. However, a new video appeared on the horizon today. I didn’t make the video–it was done by a newer… Read more »

The tale of an unnecessary NICU stay

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I left you with a few tantalizing tidbits in The Post-Birth Experience, and now I will fill in the blanks. The morning after Mr. S was born, he had an echo-cardiogram. Kyle’s cardiologist suggested that everyone in the family get tested for Kyle’s heart defect (bicuspid aortic valve) because it runs in families. I got the baby’s echo at birth… Read more »

The Post-Birth Experience: expectations vs. reality

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“First is the worst, second is the best…” Having school-aged children, I hear that rhyme often. And for me, it has a bit of truth in it when related to my four postpartum experiences. After my first birth, I had to share a room. It borders on barbaric, forcing a woman who just had a baby to share her room… Read more »

What They’re Missing

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I recently read an informative article entitled “Don’t abort based on MaterniT21.” While the author Mark Leach is quite right–the new non-invasive prenatal tests for Down syndrome are only screening tests, not diagnostic–I am very torn. If I were to say it is tragic that 17% of women are aborting solely based on a positive indication of Down syndrome from… Read more »