Truth: my son’s Down syndrome is not a detriment to his siblings

In thinking about this post, I figured I would go straight to the source and ask my older kids how they feel about having a brother with Down syndrome. The exchange went like this… Katie: I want to write a blog article on what siblings think about having a brother with Down syndrome. E (age 9): You have A BLOG?!!!… Read more »

I was not born an advocate.

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As a person who is naturally hesitant to call people out or stand up for myself (often because I don’t think of the words until long after the situation has passed), I have had to grow into the role of advocate for my kids, especially Kyle. Slowly, through key situations, I have found my voice as defender. When Kyle was… Read more »

When Clubfoot Comes Back

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(continued from “The best kind of deformity”) Three and a half years after Kyle’s clubbed feet were completely corrected, and six months after our triumphant graduation from the dreaded bar and shoes nighttime orthotic, Daddy took him in for a checkup with his Orthopedic doctor, Dr. Miracle Worker. We were expecting the usual good report, but were disappointed to hear… Read more »

Magnificent milestones

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Clubfoot: “The best kind of deformity.”

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For 1/2 of my 3rd pregnancy, I was operating under the assumption that my child did not have Down syndrome (incorrect) and did have bilateral clubfoot (correct). My feelings the day of the ultrasound, as I wrote in the diagnosis story, were of grief and fear of the unknown.  I didn’t go crazy doing research because Dr. Google can be… Read more »

Why we’re not suffering

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The following article is based on the definition of “suffer” from Merriam-Webster Online: to become worse because of being badly affected by something. Biologist Richard Dawkins recently caused a commotion with his negative Twitter comments about Down syndrome. In defense of himself, he further explained on his website, “If your morality is based, as mine is, on a desire to… Read more »