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A Blog About a Family

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For Elysium blog chronicles the journey of a mother through home, family, parenting, disability, and Down syndrome. The for Elysium Family: Katie (blog author): Thirtysomething. Loves the outdoors, gardening, reading, and creative pursuits E: Oldest child, only daughter, double digits. Loves sports, science, and singing Bud: Oldest boy, too close in age to his big sister. Loves Minecraft, video games,… Read more »

Appreciation for you, the readers, on my first “blogiversary”

In my basement there are a few old shoe boxes. Within those boxes are the journals I kept from the time I was 10 years old. On a particularly heavy day last fall I felt the need once again to get my stories out somehow. My thirty-six year old carpal tunnel wrists don’t much like scribbling with pencils anymore. I… Read more »

Music: the map of memories & soundtrack of life

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music map memories

Music has an undeniable influence on memory. For one, significant moments in our lives are connected to the music we listened to at the time. The reverse is also true; if you want to remember something, set it to music. When my high school classmates complained about having to memorize the Declaration of Independence, I didn’t commiserate. My mom introduced… Read more »