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To the doctor who called my son a “Downs patient”

I feel a little sheepish hiding behind the safety of my blog. If it bothered me, I should have corrected your language at the time. But I didn’t want to be a party pooper. We were having such a positive appointment. You were explaining why Kyle might not need to wear orthotics in his shoes anymore. At odds with what… Read more »

The remarkable day of Kyle’s birth… 5 short years ago.

When Clubfoot Comes Back

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(continued from “The best kind of deformity”) Three and a half years after Kyle’s clubbed feet were completely corrected, and six months after our triumphant graduation from the dreaded bar and shoes nighttime orthotic, Daddy took him in for a checkup with his Orthopedic doctor, Dr. Miracle Worker. We were expecting the usual good report, but were disappointed to hear… Read more »

Clubfoot: “The best kind of deformity.”

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For 1/2 of my 3rd pregnancy, I was operating under the assumption that my child did not have Down syndrome (incorrect) and did have bilateral clubfoot (correct). My feelings the day of the ultrasound, as I wrote in the diagnosis story, were of grief and fear of the unknown.  I didn’t go crazy doing research because Dr. Google can be… Read more »

My baby’s Down syndrome diagnosis story

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The question I get most often (and if they aren’t asking about it, they’re wondering) is “did you know about the Down syndrome before he was born?” This question doesn’t bother me, but it drives some people crazy because it implies that if we had known, we would/should have “done something” about it. I don’t think that most of the… Read more »