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Down syndrome awareness doesn’t end October 31

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October is only the beginning of Down syndrome awareness. For our family, Down syndrome awareness happens every day. Others might only be aware of Down syndrome every once in a while, some never. My hope is that no one, especially someone receiving a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis or the doctor on the other side of the desk, will go through… Read more »

“Not yet!”

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It’s always interesting to find out what phrase Kyle will pick up next in his growing vocabulary. The ones we rejoice about most are the phrases that further his independence or allow him to express himself more clearly. Kyle’s newest addition is surely a cause for celebration as it replaces his previous way to express the same idea–by screaming. Where… Read more »


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Especially during Down syndrome awareness month, I love to see all the ways people wear their awareness. There are Down syndrome shirts, like the one I am wearing above, available at specialmiracles.com. That website also features Down syndrome jewelry, zipper pulls, and key chains. Some people sport blue and yellow nail art, and others even get Down syndrome awareness tattoos…. Read more »

Learning to read

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It started over a year ago with Kyle’s amazing *surprise* ability to recognize the letters in the alphabet. One day he pointed out letters on my shirt, and to my surprise, he got them right! In this video, he shows that he knows letters and has quite the sense of humor: Weeks ago, he impressed his family by reading sight… Read more »

What kids do

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Waking up on the right side of the bed

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Kyle isn’t always tolerant of his baby brother in the mornings. He can get cranky about Mr. S getting into his space. So small moments of togetherness in the morning make me smile. Today both boys were sitting on either side of me on Kyle’s bed. Kyle patted my lap and said “lap,” then I said, “Kyle is sitting next… Read more »