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Kyle’s hunger strike, continued

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When Kyle’s hunger strike at school was in full swing (see previous entry), I was quickly writing some suggestions in his communication notebook before school. I nearly wrote that Kyle does better eating at home when he has the iPad on the table, and meant to ask if they could use one at school during meals. Then I stopped. Did… Read more »

Guessing games

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A few weeks ago, Kyle was sick with a stomach bug. He had a day or two of relief from that before coming down with a cold. The illnesses affected his behavior in some significant ways. Although now we can attribute his mysterious behaviors to being sick, for those two weeks I spent an unhealthy amount of time wondering and… Read more »

A hug to cure all ills

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  This post is rather self-explanatory. Kyle’s hugs have a power and a life force. He gives them readily. He receives them gladly. No matter your mood, a hug from Kyle means instant calm. His love runs deep within his embraces. I will not play tug o’ war. I’d rather play hug o’ war. Where everyone hugs instead of tugs,… Read more »

Baby Kyle models the characteristics of Down syndrome

Spelling “Kyle” – a video post

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A small encounter at the park

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A few of us from my local Down syndrome society Moms group met at a park this morning. We didn’t actually have any of our kids who have Down syndrome with us, but we all have younger children who socialize while we chat. We usually have lots to discuss about schooling, therapists, doctors, and the like. Towards the end of… Read more »