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Communicating daily with school

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When your child doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe the day’s events, a parent-teacher log is a great method for communicating daily with school. There is no doubt, despite all my wonder and awe at my son’s Village, that in reality his Village is overworked and overbooked. From the first day I sent a notebook in Kyle’s backpack for communicating… Read more »

Parent teacher conferences & what really matters

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This month, parents across the country tentatively step into their child’s classroom for a teacher’s progress report during parent-teacher conferences. As a parent who once was a teacher, I know what it feels like to sit on the opposite side of the desk. My hands were shaking with nerves at my first conferences, but I quickly found out how the… Read more »

Learning to read

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It started over a year ago with Kyle’s amazing *surprise* ability to recognize the letters in the alphabet. One day he pointed out letters on my shirt, and to my surprise, he got them right! In this video, he shows that he knows letters and has quite the sense of humor: Weeks ago, he impressed his family by reading sight… Read more »

Spelling “Kyle” – a video post

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A small encounter at the park

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A few of us from my local Down syndrome society Moms group met at a park this morning. We didn’t actually have any of our kids who have Down syndrome with us, but we all have younger children who socialize while we chat. We usually have lots to discuss about schooling, therapists, doctors, and the like. Towards the end of… Read more »

Do you see a bear? (Small Moments for #inclusion)

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I am not a mother who visits her kids’ school classrooms. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but I’ve always had smaller children in tow. So last May when I went to Kyle’s end of the year celebration at school, it was the first I had observed him with his peers. What I saw floored me. Kyle was participating and… Read more »