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A New School Year Letter to My Helpers

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new school year letter about summer

As we embark on a new school year, Kyle introduces himself to his first grade school helpers. Dear School Helpers, My name is Kyle and I am 6 years old. My mom Katie is typing my new school year letter for me because my keyboarding and vocabulary skills are still “in progress.” I was sad to leave kindergarten, but I… Read more »

Communicating daily with school

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When your child doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe the day’s events, a parent-teacher log is a great method for communicating daily with school. There is no doubt, despite all my wonder and awe at my son’s Village, that in reality his Village is overworked and overbooked. From the first day I sent a notebook in Kyle’s backpack for communicating… Read more »

Do you see a bear? (Small Moments for #inclusion)

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I am not a mother who visits her kids’ school classrooms. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but I’ve always had smaller children in tow. So last May when I went to Kyle’s end of the year celebration at school, it was the first I had observed him with his peers. What I saw floored me. Kyle was participating and… Read more »

Back to School, with help from our Village.

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back to school

Back to school time is filled with anticipation–having a great Village can ease new school year worries. Last school year when Kyle was in 4-year-old kindergarten, our decision about whether or not to send him to full day 5-year-old kindergarten this year was down to the wire. I wrote about the decision process in Paradigm Shifts & Answered Prayers. In… Read more »

Learning to Swim in an Inclusive Environment

learning to swim summer swimming success

Learning to swim can be daunting. Lucky for us, our local recreation department is inclusive and welcoming. We tried lessons for a day or two when Kyle was 4, but I don’t think he was ready for learning to swim. As I watched from afar, Kyle repeatedly tripped on the slope and his face went into the water. It almost… Read more »