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Our annual reality check

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It takes some getting used to, and in all honesty, I am still working on it: coordinating my expectations with Kyle’s developmental timeline. As Kyle is the third of four kids, I have a general idea of when to expect skills to emerge for a typical kid. Up until about 5 months, Kyle seemed to be right on track. But… Read more »

The things I didn’t say in my Christmas letter

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It’s a tall order to cram a year’s worth of news in one Christmas letter. I strive to not be braggy, and to be realistic without sounding negative. Certainly there is a lot I don’t say, both for the sake of space and to keep it positive. The realities of the lives beyond the letter are noteworthy, however. A Real… Read more »

What kids do

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How to make your own kid-safe eco weed killer (and some reasons why you should)

A few weeks ago while I was mowing the lawn, I saw my next-door neighbor walk in my direction wearing a big backpack-style tank sprayer. Weeds are a silent point of contention between us. I have them, he doesn’t. He believes in hiring a lawn service to spray his weeks, and I don’t. Lucky for me, because of “landscape registry,”… Read more »

The four most important reasons to stop spraying your lawn

Raise your hand if you have applied weed & feed, roundup, broadleaf herbicide, or any other chemical weed killer to your lawn this year. Was it worth your time? Worth your money? Worth the risks to living things and our environment? I know what you’re thinking: not another soapbox preacher! I am so tired of people telling me what to… Read more »

I get it.

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