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Old House Inspections–Is anything NOT wrong with my house?

old house inspections

To get the quick overview before reading this post, please see my previous post: Why Home Inspections are Overrated If you’re wondering why I keep writing about houses in a blog you thought was about Down syndrome, read this: House People In the last post, you viewed a collection of (frightening!) photos from our home inspection and over subsequent weeks…. Read more »

Why Home Inspections are Overrated

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stain on wood floors under carpet

If I had a dollar for every time a person asked me, “Didn’t you have a home inspection?”… One thing I can say for sure: a home inspection is everything and nothing. We put so much stock into what a home inspector sees or doesn’t see. Yes, we had a home inspection. I wouldn’t say it was the highest quality… Read more »

A Blog About a Family

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For Elysium blog chronicles the journey of a mother through home, family, parenting, disability, and Down syndrome. The for Elysium Family: Katie (blog author): Thirtysomething. Loves the outdoors, gardening, reading, and creative pursuits E: Oldest child, only daughter, double digits. Loves sports, science, and singing Bud: Oldest boy, too close in age to his big sister. Loves Minecraft, video games,… Read more »

Old House People

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old house people

When I started this blog in 2014, I mostly intended for it to be a blog about working on my new-to-me old house, plus a little about family. The blog immediately went in the direction of Down syndrome. Mostly I try to write when something moves me. Now that I have succeeded in getting out many of my Down syndrome-related… Read more »

Pause: small moments of stress

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As much as I have been enjoying this month of focusing on small moments for Down syndrome awareness, part of me wishes that Down syndrome Awareness Month was in February when I am less bogged down with projects and tasks. Three months of summer is a long time to be home with four kids all day, so I don’t find… Read more »

Steep & creaky farmhouse stairs

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The stairs in our house are steep. So steep that when Kyle first learned to walk, his occupational therapist told us that she didn’t know a way to teach him to walk down them. Physically, it was nearly impossible to either walk forwards or crawl backwards considering the length of his legs. So for over a year, we carried Kyle… Read more »