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Parenting’s influence on rape culture

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black shoes and red rose petals

Admittedly, I was getting tired of seeing the name Brock Allen Turner in my newsfeed. I avoided learning any details of his crime. I didn’t want to read the letter from his victim, mostly because I was afraid of letting any images enter my brain that I couldn’t remove. Maybe due to my vivid imagination or my effortless visualizations or… Read more »

A Blog About a Family

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For Elysium blog chronicles the journey of a mother through home, family, parenting, disability, and Down syndrome. The for Elysium Family: Katie (blog author): Thirtysomething. Loves the outdoors, gardening, reading, and creative pursuits E: Oldest child, only daughter, double digits. Loves sports, science, and singing Bud: Oldest boy, too close in age to his big sister. Loves Minecraft, video games,… Read more »

Drawing the Line (the reality of The Eradication)

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Down syndrome termination

My fictional story The Eradication is closer to reality than you might think. Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation that leads to the development of autism. Less than two weeks ago, a study was released that shows a different genetic mutation plus lead exposure (found in everything from toys to vacuum cleaner cords) increases the chances of a child developing… Read more »

The things I didn’t say in my Christmas letter

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It’s a tall order to cram a year’s worth of news in one Christmas letter. I strive to not be braggy, and to be realistic without sounding negative. Certainly there is a lot I don’t say, both for the sake of space and to keep it positive. The realities of the lives beyond the letter are noteworthy, however. A Real… Read more »

Decorating the Christmas tree

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Christmas tree

Ever since my son could pull to stand we’ve needed a gate around our Christmas tree to minimize ornament grabbing and tree pulling. It was effective the first and (maybe) second years at most. After that, the tree gate became more of an enticing challenge and receptacle for tossed toys. Last Christmas, the tree enclosure served as a minimal deterrent…. Read more »

Parent teacher conferences & what really matters

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This month, parents across the country tentatively step into their child’s classroom for a teacher’s progress report during parent-teacher conferences. As a parent who once was a teacher, I know what it feels like to sit on the opposite side of the desk. My hands were shaking with nerves at my first conferences, but I quickly found out how the… Read more »