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Kyle finds his voice with assistive communication technology

When Kyle was a baby, I took him to a disability fair at our library. The communication aids clinic brought various devices to demonstrate assistive communication. I remember being fascinated, but in my typical fashion, I figured we would never need something like that for Kyle because surely he would be able to talk at a young age. However, it… Read more »

Kids with Down Syndrome have Super Skills

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When Kyle was a baby, my husband and I watched the documentary Discovery: Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome. We were astonished at one point where a very young boy with Down syndrome looks through a book of animals and does a sign language sign for each animal. Our two older typical children had never even had… Read more »

Hope for the Future

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At work I heard one of our patrons talking to another patron about a family member’s involvement in Special Olympics. I politely and enthusiastically interjected that I have a 4 year old with Down syndrome and am looking forward to when he’s old enough for Special Olympics. She smiled a knowing smile, said she was talking about her son, and… Read more »